Not for the faint of heart! These unstable and untested builds are snapshots of our development, updated every few hours. This means that you might actually be the first person to try a particular build and discover that it eats your system. (We hope that doesn't happen, of course, but since we won't have tested the app before giving you access we can't make any guarantees.)

If you'd like to join us on the bleeding edge of our development process, please select a download from below. If you'd prefer to work with something a little less risky, grab the latest stable release from our main site.

We recommend always using the latest build, but if you experience Major Issues you can come back here and download another recent version.

Choose a version to install on macOS v11.0 or later:

OmniWeb (8.4 MB) - Jun 12, 2024 13:25:20 PDT - Release notes
OmniWeb (8.4 MB) - May 28, 2024 10:34:10 PDT - Release notes
OmniWeb (8.4 MB) - Apr 24, 2024 03:37:16 PDT - Release notes